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What does My Nutrition Complete membership include?

Nutrition Complete has everything you will ever need to know, be or do in order to be healthier, happier and successfully achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Your membership benefits include:

  • Access to a revolutionary new meal planner; prepare an entire week’s meal planner with recipes and a shopping list tailored to your own individual needs, tastes and time limits in less than 15 minutes!
  • Pre-prepared planners for days you just don’t have time to think about what to eat…we have done it all for you
  • New recipes every month
  • Add your own recipes, quickly and easily
  • Your own personal profile to record your goals, weekly measurements and weight
  • Progress charts to track your improvements every step of the way
  • Plus loads more including success tools, templates, positive mindset exercises, blog and new features coming soon!

How does Nutrition Complete work?

By combining the latest scientific research to maximize your body’s ability to burn fat in the most effective way possible via eating the right foods at the right times and exercising smarter, not harder we have formulated our program to allow you to successfully lose weight while building your lean muscle mass.

The program is based on simple, easy and effective lifestyle changes based on the three most important factors for leading a healthier, happier life and achieving sustainable weight loss. These three areas are: Creating a Positive Mindset, a Simple and Effective Eating Plan and an Effective Exercise Program delivered to you by your personal trainer or health club.

What is the average weight loss amount per week?

Weight Loss results vary dramatically from person to person depending on how committed they are to the program, their current level of health and fitness and how much weight they need to lose overall. On average people lose anywhere from ½ - 3 kilos per week, however because we recommend strength training to help build muscle (which in turn burns fat) 1 kilo per week is a great target. Remember also, that the scale isn’t the only test, so check other indicators such as your waistline measurement and how well your clothes are fitting you.

Individual results may vary and are dependent upon various factors such as your weight when you start, your target weight loss goal, your level of exercise, presence of medical conditions, use of medications, accuracy with program compliance, etc. As with most programs, the Nutrition Complete team suggests that you consult with your physician prior to starting.

Why is Nutrition Complete so special?

Nutrition Complete is an effective, healthy weight loss, weight gain and weight maintenance program designed for real people who really love food. Think of Nutrition Complete as a lifestyle change, not just a short-term diet or weight loss solution.

Nutrition Complete is a simple, effective, healthy program, especially when compared to other diets you’ve likely experienced without success because our program is not about starving yourself via a portion controlled, low calorie diet.

How easy is the Nutrition Complete program?

With Nutrition Complete you’ll eat 6 meals a day. You can choose any 6 meals from our menu of hundreds of recipes via your meal planner (every month we add 10 new meals). You can also make up your own healthy meals using the online ‘create recipe’ tool.

Whilst 70% of your results will come down to following the eating plan, exercise is still an important part of your program to keep your body healthy and functioning at its best.

What if I am always on the road or have limited time to make meals, how can I fit in 6 meals a day?

Nutrition Complete is based on real foods, so there is no ‘requirement’ for you to use protein bars, powders or meal replacements. However, if you have a busy schedule then you can replace up to 3 meals per day with protein bars, shakes or meal replacements. Ask your personal trainer or at your health club for recommendations they may have.

If you are busy, but not necessarily on the road, you will find many recipes that don’t require cooking and only take 3-5 minutes to make and are really yummy!

Being Healthy Is a Lifestyle Choice! What is Your Choice?